Tory leader’s plans will hit Wandsworth’s homeless, says Labour

 Responding to Cllr Govindia’s plans for reforming housing in Wandsworth, Labour housing spokesperson, Cllr Mark Thomas said:

 “This plan threatens to condemn Wandsworth’s homeless to a revolving door of insecure, unaffordable housing.

Wandsworth undoubtedly faces a housing crisis but cutting away the safety net from beneath the feet of the growing number of residents who face the nightmare of losing their home is no way to deal with it.  Instead, the council should be putting right years of failure to provide for residents’ housing needs, by making its surplus land available to housing associations at low prices so that they can build new homes for affordable rent.

The council should also change its rules for allocating housing by giving applicants extra points for each year they have waited.  This would make it easier for local people to work their way up the queue, but would avoid the penalising those who are out of work through no fault of their own.”


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