‘Wandsworth Challenge’ Fails Labour’s Test

Labour took on the Tories’ ‘Wandsworth Challenge’ at last week’s council meeting and found it wanting. The other key debates were on housing and cuts to town centre street cleaning.
Rex Osborn and James Daley dissected the Tories’ Wandsworth Challenge and concluded that there was very little of substance in their vague ‘big society’ agenda – but watch this space for large-scale cuts in the autumn.
On housing Mark Thomas and Peter Carpenter spoke about Wandsworth’s need to re-invest in social rented housing rather than spending the returns from Council house sales. The shortage of social housing in Wandsworth, they said, was a problem of the Tories’ own making.
Sheila Boswell and Leonie Cooper confronted the Tories over their cuts to street cleaning in our town centres, pointing out the opposition of local business to the reduction in the number of times our busiest streets are swept each day.
Labour councillors also asked about school crossing patrols, pay to play and cuts to the Furzedown Festival grant.

The questions – and replies can be found here:



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