The Wandsworth Labour Group welcomes the report of the Independent Commissioner, Mr Neil Kinghan, into the disorder in the Borough in August, and fully supports all its recommendations.

Wandsworth Labour Leader, Councillor Rex Osborn said: “While I praise the courage of our local Police and their actions on August 8th, I welcome Mr Kinghan’s report because it asks tough questions of the Police – in particular, why Wandsworth was left so poorly protected that night. The report also highlights the threat posed by a gang culture on our estates and across our Borough. Our Residents and businesses need and deserve answers and actions on both counts. We must never forget that we can only offer a helping hand to those in need if we use a firm hand to maintain order.”

 “Labour councillors will work with Conservative colleagues to implement all the recommendations in the report, such as engagement with a relaunch of Clapham Junction and a focus on the Borough’s Safer Neighbourhood Team panels to close down these gangs. Mr Kinghan’s report underlines the fact that there are children in this Borough who grow up in some of the poorest families in Britain making them easy prey to the way of the gangs and it calls for more Council support for residents associations, families and for sports and youth facilities. Better Police intelligence gathering, better Police training, better Police planning and more action against the gangs are all needed. Mr Kinghan’s report reflects this, which is why it has the full support of the Wandsworth Labour group.”

Cllr Leonie Cooper, GLA candidate for Merton & Wandsworth and Opposition Speaker for Community Safety said: “The Labour Group also feels strongly that those found guilty of damaging our local community and environment should give something back, not simply be fined or imprisoned, but as part of a PayBack deal to work to repair and restore areas of our community they have damaged. Transport for London’s Fare Dodgers scheme, for example, ensures those found guilty pay back by painting railings or working in parks. I look forward to working with our Conservative colleagues to create a similar scheme in Wandsworth.”

Read the report in full:


and a summary here:



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