Threat to Evict Jobless a ‘Gimmick’ Says Labour

Labour has criticised Wandsworth Tories’ proposals to put new council tenants on contracts which mean they could lose their home if they don’t find a job or enrol on a training course.

Labour’s Cllr. Mark Thomas said ‘Of course It’s really important that we do more to incentivise people into work. But we are concerned that those who lose their jobs through no fault of their own are not unfairly penalised.

What’s really needed is more Council action to build more homes and provide more jobs for local people. We are calling for a new council-led programme to build many more social rented homes, a proportion of which we have said should be earmarked for those in work. We all know the jobs market is very tough at the moment and the vast majority of people do want to work.

It is crucial that the council provides meaningful employment support for people who sign up to this new scheme with a real job at the end of it, otherwise these plans for new council tenants are just a hollow gimmick.’

Wandsworth Council press release here:


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