The Olympics come to Battersea: The good news & and the bad news

By Cllr. Simon Hogg

This week I was excited to tour the Olympic Park. As I missed out on tickets to the athletics, this is the closest I will get!

There is good and bad news about the Olympic effect here in Battersea


1. An Olympic-only lane (official vehicles only 7am to 7pm) will run along York Road/ Battersea Park Road/ Nine Elms Lane. Bus stops will be moved, there will be parking and loading suspensions and several turns will be prohibited. Please consult this very useful map for details. There is further information about Wandsworth on this Transport for London site and the official Olympic Travel Advice site.

2. Battersea Power Station will be used as an Olympic base for the police – so up to 550 police vehicles a day will be travelling in and out of the site. 12,000 police officers from around the country will use ‘Camp Battersea’ for briefings.


1. There is likely to be a drop in crime around Battersea Power Station during the Olympics due to all the police!

2. Wandsworth is hosting two Olympic road cycle races and also has an evening torch relay event. More information on Simon’s blog:


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