Votes and Voices from Earlsfield

Rachael Stokes

Election Night 22 May 2014 So I am now writing this blog as an elected councillor for Earlsfield. Wow. When I decided a few years ago that I wanted to get more involved in my local community, I has no idea it would end – or should I say begin – with this!

Having had a week to digest the news, I am still feeling utterly thrilled, honoured and excited, not to mention a little daunted by the responsbilities I now hold. Thank you for voting, thank you for voting for me, and thank you for spending time on your doorstep to share with me and the Earlsfield Labour team the issues matter to you and the problems you think need addressing in Earlsfield.

I plan to use this blog to update you on what I’m doing, both in our ward and on the Council. But perhaps more importantly I want to use this as…

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